Brie Leon


We make accessories to be worn and treasured as a companion and memory. It’s jewellery and bags for business, pleasure and everything in between. Less trendy, more timeless. A lifelong love for found vintage pieces and shiny, treasured heirlooms. We turn our personal collection and design them into yours - thoughtfully, slowly, considerately.

It all began in 2016, when Brie Leon shifted course to focus on offering a tight selection of vintage inspired jewellery and handmade pieces upcycled by founder Janine Zafra. As this small online boutique quickly grew into its new identity, Brie Leon matured into its own brand. With our studio located in Sydney Australia, it’s there we design, create and craft our many handmade jewellery pieces.
“Our ethos revolves around having a connection to each piece that we create. We want pieces that are easy to travel with, can be worn with absolutely anything and transition from day to night. We want you to be able to live your full life wearing them”
We’re proud to be a female-owned and run business, where responsibility and fairness is always considered when it comes to design, production, operations and our team. All materials we use are vegan and ethically sourced.